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Frequently Asked Questions

Maximize Your Earnings Potential With Our Guide To The CBD Techs Affiliate Program

It’s incredibly easy to sign up for the CBD Techs Affiliate program!

  1. Visit CBDTechs.com/affiliates/ and register. You’ll need an email address, a username and password to get started. 
  2. When you register, you will need to confirm your email address. Check your email inbox and click the confirmation link.
  3. You’re all set and ready to go! 

You’re ready to start sharing!

Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate link allows us to track your referrals to our website. 

When you login to your Affiliate account, you should go to the Affiliate area to retrieve your unique Affiliate link. 

It should look like this: https://cbdtechs.com/ref/Username

The /ref/Username is what allows us to track your cookie. Once the user clicks on this link, we will capture and track cookies on their device for a period of 30 days. The user may leave the site and return at a later time to make a purchase, and you will still be credited.

If your username is SuperAffiliate5, your Affiliate URL would be /ref/superaffiliate5. Suppose you want to share the URL of the CBD Techs store. This URL is https://cbdtechs.com/shop/ 

You may append the URL to include https://cbdtechs.com/shop/ref/superaffiliate5 to create a custom Affiliate link. This custom link will still direct users to the CBD Techs store.

Keep in mind that cookies are unique to each device or browser. So if a user clicks on a link on their phone but completes a purchase on their computer using a different link, you may not be credited. 

Use our promotional materials, or create your own!

Affiliates who take their own photos, create videos, and put out product reviews are the ones who earn the most. Be creative! Write a blog, create a funny short video, take a compelling photo – and include your affiliate link with your content!

If you need help getting started, simply visit the Creatives tab on your Affiliate dashboard. Right-click to save the image, or copy and paste the embed code if you have your own website. 

It’s easy to track referrals and earnings.

Simply login to the Affiliates Dashboard and click on Visits to see how many people clicked on your Affiliate link – or returned to the website. Click on Payouts to see how many people made a purchase with your Affiliate link and to see your total earnings. Referrals marked unpaid means you have not been paid. Referrals marked paid means you have already been paid for that referral. 

Theres more than one way to get paid! 

You will be given the option to be paid via PayPal or check.

PayPal Payments

If you wish to be paid via Paypal, you must register using the PayPal email address tied to your account.

Check Payments

If you wish to be paid by check, you must provide your mailing address.

You may also choose to be paid in store credit. Cash payouts occur every 30 days when your Affiliate account has accrued at least $50. You may accrue earnings as long as you’d like. Affiliates who exceed $600 in annual earnings must provide Tax ID information. 

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